Revolutionary Bloodless Design

Supporting Your Heart and Improving Your Quality of Life

Clinical and pre-clinical evidence


In 2023, AdjuCor, in collaboration with its clinical partners, successfully completed the world’s first in-human implantation of an extra-vascular heart assist device (reBEAT) in a feasibility clinical trial to evaluate its safety and effectiveness for patients with advanced heart failure. This ongoing research builds on AdjuCor’s extensive pre-clinical testing, which has also demonstrated the long-term feasibility of the reBEAT system.

Unlocking a New Level of

Advanced Heart
Failure Care

The reBEAT system is a unique, minimally invasive, epicardial, biventricular mechanical circulatory support technology designed to assist one or both ventricles of the failing heart without blood contact. This innovative approach is intended to provide support in everyday life for patients who have lost their natural heart function and are awaiting a heart transplant.


A Unique Approach

1_ICON_Bloodless Design

Revolutionary Design that Avoids Blood Contact

Minimizes risk for stroke and bleeding and simplifies the procedure.

2_ICON_Minimally invasive

Minimally Invasive Implantation

Faster recovery and thus expected shorter hospital stays.

3_ICON_Tailored Specific Needs

Tailored for Your Specific Needs

Supports one or both heart chambers, provides pulsatile support, and is individually adjustable.

4_ICON_Improved Quality

Improved Quality of Life

Unique features aimed to help you regain activities you used to enjoy, thanks to reduced complications.

5_ICON_Reduced Cost

Reduced Costs

Shorter procedure times and subsequent lower hospitalization costs benefit both patients and healthcare institutions.